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November 19, 2009

Atwater.jpg IUP President Tony Atwater addresses Freshman Convocation in Fisher Auditorium, Aug. 30, 2009. Photo by Brandon Oakes

By Kathryn Rose

"It was the great humorist Will Rogers who once said, 'You can be on the right track, but if you're not moving on down the track, you'll get run over.' IUP is certainly on the right track. But our excellent university must move forward down that track or it may be overtaken by the market forces and currents of change that are gradually transforming our institution's destiny."

--IUP President Tony Atwater, inaugural address, Fisher Auditorium, Oct. 6, 2005

INDIANA -- Since his inauguration four years ago, Indiana University of Pennsylvania President Tony Atwater has faced forces both favorable and unfriendly for the institution he heads, as he predicted in his first official address to the campus. But as the school's 24th president entered his fifth year in office, questions about the university's destiny - and his administration of the institution -- have been growing.

November 15, 2009

01 Track 001.mp3

Nov. 15: Marcellus shale rush. A huge natural-gas-rich formation a mile underground has drawn deep-drilling energy prospectors to Indiana County (and to other regions of the state and surrounding states). The rush has raised environmental concerns.


The show hosted three guests -- the head of a long-time drilling-services company in Indiana County and two members of the Indiana County League of Women Voters' study committee on Marcellus shale drilling. Mary Beth Sweeney and Susan McClure represented the League. And the third guest, Paul Hart, is president of Hart Resource Technologies in Creekside.



November 1, 2009

001 Track 1.mp3   A proposed $5-per-student-per-semester "green fee" to pay for environmentally friendly initiatives at Indiana University of Pennsylvania has been the subject of a cover story in the campus newspaper The Penn and an action item on the agenda of the IUP Student Government Association. "Global Alert" producer Jessica Potter gathered student reaction to the proposal during a series of interviews at Stapleton Library on Oct. 30. And producer Garritt Fleming interviewed live in the studio Rachel DeStefano, a member of the SGA, an SGA representative on the board of the Student Cooperative Association and a self-described student environmental activist.


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