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July 12, 2009

By Elizabeth Kundla

INDIANA-- Andrew J. Koutsavlis, a sophomore studio art major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is a resident of the Putt Suites, one of the new dormitories in the campus' $270 million Residential Revival project. He had to live on campus because his parents gave him no other choice.


July 12, 2009

Prescription for weight loss: exercising

By Sara B. Lamberson

INDIANA -- A daily smorgasbord at the campus dining hall can be tempting. But for many college students it also can be fattening.

"All of the options the dining halls at IUP gave were hard to choose between," said Chelsea L. Calahan, 21, a junior criminology major, in a March 31 e-mail interview. "So I would just eat all of it."

July 12, 2009

Campus sports facilities need more than one arena


By Natalie-Mae Joan Schaefer

INDIANA -- Early last fall, top Indiana University of Pennsylvania administrators received a consultant's report on President Tony Atwater's plan to lead the school into the top tier of the nation's intercollegiate athletic programs - Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

July 12, 2009

University official asserts cleanup is complete

By Rose Catlos

INDIANA -- Indiana Gazette staff writer Sam Kusic slaps down a bulging manila folder on the table in the lobby of the newspaper's 899 Water St. office with a "thwack." It contains hundreds of pages of information about land formerly owned by the Kovalchick Corp.

July 12, 2009

A cost-benefit calculation of college in a recession

By Natalie-Mae Schaefer

INDIANA, Pa. -- Overstuffed binders form piles on the floor. Window sills are stacked with leaning towers of fat folders that melt into one another. A bookshelf is bursting with intimidating labels. Indiana University of Pennsylvania economics professor David B. Yerger sits in his cluttered office behind a desk buried under paper.

July 12, 2009

Enforcement of smoking ban non-existent. 


By Michael Bowser


INDIANA--Leah Bambino, 21, junior art studio major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania., is troubled by tobacco smoke on campus every day. She recalls a time when she was surrounded by a smoke cloud while walking out of a class.


"It smelled like a bar," said Bambino while sitting in the Oak Grove on Feb. 25. "It's annoying walking on campus. My pea coat still smells like smoke."


July 12, 2009

IUP Campus Parking Update: Spaces, Fines to Increase


By Laura Mazzenga

INDIANA, Pa. -- It's 10:05 a.m., Feb. 23, a Monday morning. Half a dozen Indiana University of Pennsylvania students stand in line in front of Stephanie A. Boehmig. All are waiting to use the pay-by-space machine at the Grant Street parking garage.


The people punch the machine's buttons. The machine beeps back, spitting tickets. The line inches forward. Now it's 10:07. Three minutes until class starts.


July 12, 2009

Citations, surveys document drier campus since Atwater's arrival.

By Christina Winesickle

INDIANA -- On April 8, 2006, Jessica Foor, then a 19-year-old freshman at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, was trapped for two hours in a basement filled with people who attended a party at an off-campus fraternity house.

The Pennsylvania State Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement and Indiana Borough police conducted an underage-drinking bust at 389 S. Sixth St., the Phi Kappa Psi frat house, at 12:07 a.m., according to Indiana police reports.

July 12, 2009

By Samantha Bond

INDIANA, Pa. - Following the April 2007 shootings that killed 32 people at Virginia Tech, some students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania say the administration appears to be trying to prevent a similar tragedy here.

July 12, 2009

By Melissa Thompson

INDIANA - A few months after the April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech shootings that killed 32 students and faculty and wounded 25, Indiana University of Pennsylvania bought an emergency-alert service called Reverse 911, provided by a Temecula, Calif.-based subsidiary of EADS North America, a major defense contractor.

July 12, 2009

By Christina Winesickle

INDIANA, Pa -- William E. Murray, 48, a senior nursing student, remembers well his commute from Punxsutawney to Indiana University of Pennsylvania on the morning of Jan. 28. The usual 45-minute drive took him two hours.

July 9, 2009

It may be the mercury

By Shannon George

INDIANA, Pa. - Some local residents fear for their health when they drink Indiana's tap water

"I don't drink the water here," said Indiana resident and IUP Spanish education major Nicholas G. Gallo, 19, as he lifted a bottle of Aquafina to his lips during a Feb. 18 interview at The Commonplace Coffeehouse & Roastery at 1176 Grant St. "I've heard growing up that we're not supposed to drink the water around here."

July 9, 2009

Official and unofficial data reflect different realities

By Sara Lamberson

Indiana, Pa. -- Every year, hundreds of Indiana University of Pennsylvania students rally against on-campus sexual violence during Take Back the Night. The annual event - held this year on April 15 -- is organized by The Haven Project, a campus counseling program for students, and The Alice Paul House, an Indiana-based organization that provides assistance to victims of abuse.

July 9, 2009

By Mike Wilson

INDIANA - Bret Matthews, a freshman biology major from Philadelphia, sighed with relief during spring semester 2009 when he learned he had successfully cancelled his on-campus housing contract for 2009-10. His mind had changed about the suites. He was ready to move off campus.

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