July 16, 2008

The HawkEye  is a civic- and community-journalism project rooted in the curriculum of the Journalism Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 


Undergraduate journalism students in the News Reporting classes report and write investigative stories focused on their campus, their community and their county.  


This original investigative work is an ongoing project initiated by IUP journalism professor David O. Loomis Ph.D., a former newspaper reporter and editor. 


The HawkEye's first stories were published in mid-July 2008. Additional student-reported stories are published each semester.  Earlier News Reporting students' civic-journalism stories have been published in local print media since 2004. They have won top awards from the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association for Public Service/Enterprise Reporting by college students, most recently in March 2012.


The HawkEye's student-reported journalism is part of a range of community-focused projects to be published by the IndiJournalism.org media group. Civic collaborations have included reporting projects in partnership with the League of Women Voters of Indiana County . Citizens also contribute to The HawkEye with their own reporting projects, opinion pieces (letters, columns), photos, audio, video and other forms of interactive electronic and digital content.


For more information, contact the editor, David Loomis at doloomis@iup.edu, or the Webmaster, Ms. Lee Vest at lcvest@iup.edu.


Thanks to IUP English professor Kenneth W. Sherwood for visioning and technical consulting and to history professor Caleb Finegan, founding director of the IUP Center for Civic Engagement and Student Leadership, for financial support.

We also thank Brian M. Petersen, formerly of the IUP IT Services office, for technical advice and assistance.

Stories in The HawkEye are best viewed using the Internet Explorer browser.  We are working to optimize viewing in other browsers.





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