Congratulations Seniors!

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It's that time of year again, graduation.  However, since there is still two weeks left it's time to live it up while you can, senior's.  Also, since this up coming weekend is the last legitimate weekend for IUP student's the bars on Philly Street are ready to help and assist with your senior bar crawl's. 

On Friday, Wolfie's is handing out drinking diplomas for all the IUP graduates.  I am personally excited for this event since IUP is known for partying and I know we have become experts over these past four years.  Next, on Saturday, it's Cinco De Mayo and you better believe Wolfie's is going to be helping you celebrate and feed your tequila cravings for the holiday. 

Also, since were talking tequila, make sure you check out Cozumel's new tequila bar in the restaurants basement.  I experienced this new bar last night and was very impressed.  They have dollar special drinks every night as well as fun, themed music and a dim, mood-setting bar setting.  I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't been there yet.

Congratulations senior's and good luck!

Bar Crawl

(Photos taken by Kara Holtzman and also taken from Wolfie's website)

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