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This week's bar of the week is Boomerang's aka Boomie's.  Boomie's is a fairly newer bar on Philadelphia Street and they have specials all week just like the other bars of Indiana.  Boomie's is a smaller bar but has two bar sections, three pole tables, dance floor and a closed in patio area. 
Come to Boomie's to enjoy $2 Shock Top Belgian Wheat pints, all day every day.  On Tuesday's, enjoy $1 16 oz. domestic drafts, $6 bucket list shots and $2 Pinnacle flavors while enjoying their DJ from 10 to 12.  On Wednesday's you can play free pool, 10-12 while enjoying every "effin" drink and Sky Vodka for $3 each.  Next, celebrate your Thirsty Thursday with $.50 wells, $1.50 Bud Light bottles, $6 shot buckets and $7 Bacardi pitchers from 10-12.  On Friday's come enjoy live music at 9 while sipping on $1.50 wells, $1.50 domestic bottles, $2 Long Islands and $6 shot buckets from 10-12.  Saturday's specials are $1.50 wells, Bud Light bottles and Captains.  Also, from 10-12 enjoy $3 Devils Cut, Red Stag, American Honey, Wild Shots and Pinnacle Vodka flavors.  End your week with free pool 7-9 on Sunday's and Pabst Corn Hole at 9 while drinking $2.50 Pabst cans and $4.50 40oz Pabst Quarts.
Finally, Boomie's all-day every-day specials are $2.50 Pabst or Natty Light 16 oz. cans, $3 Yuengling Light bottles, $2 Blast shots and Apple Pie shots.  Also, Bud Light plastic bottles, Bud Light 20 oz. drafts and 32 oz. Rolling Rock green cups all for $3 each.

(Eric Mateya, photo taken at Boomerang's)     (Kyle Lamberson, photo taken at Boomerang's)

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