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Over the next couple weeks I have decided that I am going to focus each of my entry's on a different bar. I will be updating you on the bar of the week's specials and events for that week.
First, I have decided to talk about Wolfendales, otherwise known as Wolfie's.  Wolfie's Pub and Grub is probably the most popular and cheapest bar on Philadelphia Street.  According to the website and personal experience, Wolfie's is busiest during the mid-week and especially weekends.  The bar attracts usually Indiana University of Pennsylvania students and locals between mid-twenties and mid-thirties.
Wolfie's has two types of specials every day of the week, 10-12 specials as well as all day specials.  On Monday's the all-day special is $1.00 Bud Light drafts, $1.00 Bud &Bud Light bottles and $1.00 Captain shots from 10-12.  Tuesday's all day specials are $2.00 Bud Light pitchers, $0.50 wells and $1.00 Domestic bottles from 10-12. Wednesday's are Hip Hop night and from 10-12 you can enjoy all mixed drinks and all bottled beer for just a dollar.  On Thursday's come to Wolfie's for their $2.00 Bud Light pitchers, all day.  Also, enjoy $2.00 you call it's from 10-12.  On Friday's, kick your weekend of with all day $1.00 Captain's and from 10-12 $1.00 wells and $1.00 16 oz. Bud Light drafts.  Finally, Saturday's specials are all day $1.00 Yuengling Drafts and from 10-12 $1.00 wells and $2.00 Long Island's.
If you like to dance, drink cheaply and enjoy good bar food, Wolfie's Pub and Grub is the place for you! If you have never been there I suggest you go at least once in your time spent in Indiana.

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(From the left, Stephanie C. Frederick, 22 Kevin T. Morea, 22 and Jessica L. French, 22)
IUP has been getting bashed lately from other schools, especially Penn State University about having our very own IUPatty's Day celebrations.  PSU is famously known for their yearly tradition of "State Patty's Day," an early celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  This is why they are coming down on us so hard.  IUPatty's took place two weekends ago on the weekend of March 2, 2012.  The streets of Indiana were covered in green and intoxicated students.  Even the bars in Indiana participated, unlike Penn States.  The three main bars that supported the holiday with great specials were, Wolfendales, The Coney and Steel City Samiches
Even though the highly anticipated IUPatty's weekend has come and gone, the real Irish holiday is this Saturday, March 17.  If you are planning on celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Indiana, the local bars have some great deals for you!  Wolfie's is having a 3-day celebration featuring Labatt Light Lime, starting Thursday March 15 through Saturday, March 17.  Also, The Coney will be celebrating on Saturday, March 17 at 10 am, by having a Leprechaun look-alike contest and parade.  Finally, Boomerangs will be celebrating on Saturday, March 17th by featuring Irish music, shamrock tattoos and green beer all day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend and celebrate safe IUP!

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