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After being in college for almost four years I realized that if you work hard you definitely deserve to reward yourself at the end of the day with some fun.  Don't get me wrong, I think that working hard and getting your education should be your number one priority. However, when you have put in the hard work and effort, you definitely deserve to let loose a little.

My name is Kara Holtzman and throughout this semester I will be blogging about the night life that occurs around Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  My goal for this blog is to inform students who are 21 and older about certain events and specials that are going on at the bar's every week and how you can have fun even with only a few dollars in your pocket.  

The reason for this blog is to prove to students that there are exciting things to do in Indiana because most think otherwise.  I want to prove this to them as well as open their minds to new ideas.  Also, convince them go to places they wouldn't usually go to.  I will be updating and analyzing my personal experiences at these bars each week.  Finally, I will be giving feedback and opinions from IUP students about these bars.

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