It's that time of year again, graduation.  However, since there is still two weeks left it's time to live it up while you can, senior's.  Also, since this up coming weekend is the last legitimate weekend for IUP student's the bars on Philly Street are ready to help and assist with your senior bar crawl's. 

On Friday, Wolfie's is handing out drinking diplomas for all the IUP graduates.  I am personally excited for this event since IUP is known for partying and I know we have become experts over these past four years.  Next, on Saturday, it's Cinco De Mayo and you better believe Wolfie's is going to be helping you celebrate and feed your tequila cravings for the holiday. 

Also, since were talking tequila, make sure you check out Cozumel's new tequila bar in the restaurants basement.  I experienced this new bar last night and was very impressed.  They have dollar special drinks every night as well as fun, themed music and a dim, mood-setting bar setting.  I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't been there yet.

Congratulations senior's and good luck!

Bar Crawl

(Photos taken by Kara Holtzman and also taken from Wolfie's website)

H.B. Culpepper's

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If you like good food and watching your favorite sports team's on the big screen, H.B. Culpepper's is where it's at.  Culpepper's has food and drink specials all week for you to enjoy.
Sunday's drink specials are $5.25 Bud Light pitchers, $5.25 domestic pitchers 10-12, $8.00 Imports and $2 well drinks 10-12.  Also, on Sunday's, choose from any of the burger platters on the regular menu. Also enjoy big burger platters for $5.99.
 Next, celebrate you Monday with Culpepper's wing night, 4-11 p.m., buy five get five free. Also, wash those wings down with $1 domestic pints, 10-12 and $2 Captains, 10-12.  Next, on Tuesday's, enjoy $1 domestic drafts and $2 well drinks, 10-12.  On Wednesday's, come to Culp's for the drink specials of $5.25 Bud Light pitchers, $5.25 domestic pitchers, $8.00 imports and $2 wells, 10-12.  Also, come to the bar hungry on Wednesday's and enjoy $5.25 original and white pizzas and $6.50 gourmet pizzas all day.
 Celebrate your Thirsty Thursday's at Culpepper's without paying a cover and half off all drinks.  Also, enjoy their buy five get five free wing night special.  On Friday they have $1.50 domestic drafts 10-12 and $2 Long Islands, 10-12.  Finally, on Saturday's, $1.50 domestic drafts and $2 flavored vodka 10-12.  Their daily food specials on Saturday's are $1 off stromboli and rib special.
 Since I only have a few weeks' left to blog about IUP night life, I want to know what's your favorite place and unwind in Indiana?


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This week's bar of the week is Boomerang's aka Boomie's.  Boomie's is a fairly newer bar on Philadelphia Street and they have specials all week just like the other bars of Indiana.  Boomie's is a smaller bar but has two bar sections, three pole tables, dance floor and a closed in patio area. 
Come to Boomie's to enjoy $2 Shock Top Belgian Wheat pints, all day every day.  On Tuesday's, enjoy $1 16 oz. domestic drafts, $6 bucket list shots and $2 Pinnacle flavors while enjoying their DJ from 10 to 12.  On Wednesday's you can play free pool, 10-12 while enjoying every "effin" drink and Sky Vodka for $3 each.  Next, celebrate your Thirsty Thursday with $.50 wells, $1.50 Bud Light bottles, $6 shot buckets and $7 Bacardi pitchers from 10-12.  On Friday's come enjoy live music at 9 while sipping on $1.50 wells, $1.50 domestic bottles, $2 Long Islands and $6 shot buckets from 10-12.  Saturday's specials are $1.50 wells, Bud Light bottles and Captains.  Also, from 10-12 enjoy $3 Devils Cut, Red Stag, American Honey, Wild Shots and Pinnacle Vodka flavors.  End your week with free pool 7-9 on Sunday's and Pabst Corn Hole at 9 while drinking $2.50 Pabst cans and $4.50 40oz Pabst Quarts.
Finally, Boomie's all-day every-day specials are $2.50 Pabst or Natty Light 16 oz. cans, $3 Yuengling Light bottles, $2 Blast shots and Apple Pie shots.  Also, Bud Light plastic bottles, Bud Light 20 oz. drafts and 32 oz. Rolling Rock green cups all for $3 each.

(Eric Mateya, photo taken at Boomerang's)     (Kyle Lamberson, photo taken at Boomerang's)

Let's Go Pen's

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Since I'm a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan and playoffs are quickly approaching I decided to do an entry on the bar specials during the big games.  First, let's talk Wolfendale's Pub and Grub.  They offer $1.50 Labatt Blue drafts during every Pen's game.  Also, while you're there make sure to check out their yummy menu of greasy bar food.  Their new Yuengling battered shrimp, tossed in hot and tangy sauce with fries are my favorite.
If you are not a fan of the Wolfie's scene, come to H.B. Culpeppers to see the Pen's in the playoffs.  Their specials for every game are $1 Labatt drafts and BOGO appetizers.  While you're there make sure to check out their awesome menu.  My favorite bites are the Buffalo Bill Cody sandwich and the Greek Chicken Salad.
Also, be sure to hit up Boomerang's for their Pen's game special of $2 Bud Light bottles.  Finally, if you want a Pittsburgh meal in more of a restaurant setting, head over to Steel City Samiches.  Dine in and enjoy a half price "samich" with a purchase of a drink during every Pen's game. 

Let's Go Pen's!

pens small.jpg                        
(Pens logo from Google images)

The Coney

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In my last entry I discussed a little bit about Wolfie's but the one thing I failed to mention is their competition, The Coney
"The Coney is second most popular night club in Indiana, Pa", according to senior Indiana University of Pennsylvania student, Amanda L. Marguccio, 22.
However, The Coney has the best of both worlds.  Whether or not you like to dance all night or just relax and have a beer, The Coney can feed both needs.
According the The Coney's website and personal experience, The Coney has the largest dance floor in Indiana as well as a huge game room filled with three pool tables along with other games.  They also have a calmer part of the bar on the other side of the dance floor if you're just there to relax. 
Also, like Wolfie's, Coney has some great specials and events every week!  Starting on Tuesday's, my favorite week night, enjoy $.50 well's as you watch the famous dancing contest where you can win $100!  On Wednesday's come to The Coney and sing your favorite hits with DJ Jack's karaoke night and $1 well's from 10-12.  Thursday's are wing night's at The Coney.  Next, start your weekend off $1.50 Bud Light drafts and $2 you call it's from 10-12.  Also ladies, as you enjoy DJ Jack's hits, you have another chance to win $100 in the dance contest!  Finally, on Saturday's enjoy the dance contest as you drink $1.50 Long Island's from 10-12.
"The Coney is my favorite hot spot in Indiana, I love going there on Tuesday's to dance and drink $.50 well's," said Stephanie C. Frederick, 22, IUP senior.


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Over the next couple weeks I have decided that I am going to focus each of my entry's on a different bar. I will be updating you on the bar of the week's specials and events for that week.
First, I have decided to talk about Wolfendales, otherwise known as Wolfie's.  Wolfie's Pub and Grub is probably the most popular and cheapest bar on Philadelphia Street.  According to the website and personal experience, Wolfie's is busiest during the mid-week and especially weekends.  The bar attracts usually Indiana University of Pennsylvania students and locals between mid-twenties and mid-thirties.
Wolfie's has two types of specials every day of the week, 10-12 specials as well as all day specials.  On Monday's the all-day special is $1.00 Bud Light drafts, $1.00 Bud &Bud Light bottles and $1.00 Captain shots from 10-12.  Tuesday's all day specials are $2.00 Bud Light pitchers, $0.50 wells and $1.00 Domestic bottles from 10-12. Wednesday's are Hip Hop night and from 10-12 you can enjoy all mixed drinks and all bottled beer for just a dollar.  On Thursday's come to Wolfie's for their $2.00 Bud Light pitchers, all day.  Also, enjoy $2.00 you call it's from 10-12.  On Friday's, kick your weekend of with all day $1.00 Captain's and from 10-12 $1.00 wells and $1.00 16 oz. Bud Light drafts.  Finally, Saturday's specials are all day $1.00 Yuengling Drafts and from 10-12 $1.00 wells and $2.00 Long Island's.
If you like to dance, drink cheaply and enjoy good bar food, Wolfie's Pub and Grub is the place for you! If you have never been there I suggest you go at least once in your time spent in Indiana.

jess's party 003d copy.jpg
(From the left, Stephanie C. Frederick, 22 Kevin T. Morea, 22 and Jessica L. French, 22)
IUP has been getting bashed lately from other schools, especially Penn State University about having our very own IUPatty's Day celebrations.  PSU is famously known for their yearly tradition of "State Patty's Day," an early celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  This is why they are coming down on us so hard.  IUPatty's took place two weekends ago on the weekend of March 2, 2012.  The streets of Indiana were covered in green and intoxicated students.  Even the bars in Indiana participated, unlike Penn States.  The three main bars that supported the holiday with great specials were, Wolfendales, The Coney and Steel City Samiches
Even though the highly anticipated IUPatty's weekend has come and gone, the real Irish holiday is this Saturday, March 17.  If you are planning on celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Indiana, the local bars have some great deals for you!  Wolfie's is having a 3-day celebration featuring Labatt Light Lime, starting Thursday March 15 through Saturday, March 17.  Also, The Coney will be celebrating on Saturday, March 17 at 10 am, by having a Leprechaun look-alike contest and parade.  Finally, Boomerangs will be celebrating on Saturday, March 17th by featuring Irish music, shamrock tattoos and green beer all day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend and celebrate safe IUP!


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After being in college for almost four years I realized that if you work hard you definitely deserve to reward yourself at the end of the day with some fun.  Don't get me wrong, I think that working hard and getting your education should be your number one priority. However, when you have put in the hard work and effort, you definitely deserve to let loose a little.

My name is Kara Holtzman and throughout this semester I will be blogging about the night life that occurs around Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  My goal for this blog is to inform students who are 21 and older about certain events and specials that are going on at the bar's every week and how you can have fun even with only a few dollars in your pocket.  

The reason for this blog is to prove to students that there are exciting things to do in Indiana because most think otherwise.  I want to prove this to them as well as open their minds to new ideas.  Also, convince them go to places they wouldn't usually go to.  I will be updating and analyzing my personal experiences at these bars each week.  Finally, I will be giving feedback and opinions from IUP students about these bars.

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