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Ebony & Ivory Fashion Show

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This weekend was IUP'S biggest fashion weekend. Each year the BEC has what they call BEC weekend. Each year the weekend consist of a party, fashion show and cookout. Although everybody came out to impress on Friday at the party im going to focus on the fashion show. At the fashion show there are different scenes. These scenes are made up by student designers. This year theme seemed to be throw backs. They had everything from 70's wear all the way down to 50's wear. The models had on Afro wigs and bell bottom pants. 

Since it was a fashion show people came out dress to impress. Girls came in real nice dresses and jeans. When talking to the audience I asked where people got their outfits from. Many people told me that they got their outfits from the new store in the mall called strawberry. Some people ordered their outfits and had them shipped here. Many stores were brought up in my interviews from people. Like Forever and rule21. But for all you people who want a quick outfit here in Indiana go to the new store strawberry, they have nice clothes and nice prices. But if you missed out on the fashion show this weekend you missed out on a good show and great clothes. 

Warm Weekend

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With the warm weather this weekend, everybody brought out their shorts and summer dresses. The sandals were out also. I seen so many cute sandals. When i asked where they got their sandals from, most people said old navy or forever21. I'm guessing that those are the stores to get your summer shoes from. Also a lot of dresses came from forever21. The dresses were bright and long. Dresses are in. Dresses that  come down to your ankles. I even seen a few rompers. This beautiful weather this weekend brought out so many cute outfits

IUP Greek Weekend

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This weekend was Iup's Greek Weekend. Each year people wear their best outfits to go out in. Some of the outfits I seen this year were nice colorful skirts and a shirt with a nice blazer. Blazers seemed to be really popular this weekend. Before I go into anymore outfits I cant forget about the shoes. I seen all types of shoes this weekend. From high heels to high wedges. Of course all the Greeks had on their colors. Bra's seemed to also be popular this weekend. I saw girls with just a bra under a blazer or a cardigan. So all in all this weekend there were bright colors and great shoes. 


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