Hog Maw Holiday

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This week's entry is about a dish many people may not know about. It is called hog maw. It is also known as pig stomach. Actually, it is the less fatty inner lining of the stomach. Since I began dating my fiance, Katelyn Romesberg, hog maw has become a yearly tradition for me.

Using the family recipe, that has been passed down, her grandmother takes the time to prepare this dish every year. Coming from a Pennsylvania Dutch background, she takes pride in preparing this traditional dish for her family. She told me today during the meal, "this is something my mother always made. We are Pennsylvania Dutch and this dish is a part of that."

Now, if I assume correctly, many of you reading this post are still stuck on the fact this main course is made from the stomach of a swine. I won't lie, I could not get that out of my head. What you have to know though, is that it is also stuffed with potatoes and sausage. You are not just eating the stomach lining. If you do decide to eat the lining, go for the crispy part. Otherwise you are in for a chewy treat. Not a fan. I just stick to the potatoes and sausage on the inside.

Katelyn's grandmother also mentioned that she had to actually reserve the stomach a few weeks ahead of Easter. This turned a few heads in the grocery store, since in today's society most people don't expect someone to order a pig stomach.

Continuing the family tradition Katelyn wants to learn how to cook this meal, and looks forward to learning other family recipes to continue passing down her heritage. "I want to carry on the tradition, but don't think I will ever be that good until I actually become the grandma," she said.

(Photo taken off google images.)

Food Fast Fact: A Pennsylvania German named Michael Hillegas was the first Continental Treasurer, according to the Pennsylvania German Society.

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