Basic Cooking Skills

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Today's post focuses on kitchen basics. I will show you videos of different things that are involved in the cooking process. These skills will range anywhere from sharpening your knife to preparing a steak.

A lot of people don't know the proper, or easy, way to chop an onion. I really didn't know myself until I began watching the Food Network. There are many different skills and recipes on this website that help with basic kitchen techniques. However, before you can cut an onion you need a sharp knife. Really you need a sharp knife for any cutting being done in the kitchen.

In this video chef Gordon Ramsay demonstrates how to sharpen your kitchen knife. In the video he also explains why it is important.

The video can be found HERE.

As mentioned earlier, cutting an onion is an essential skill. Onions can be used in almost any dish  but not many people know how to properly cut it. 

The video about how to chop and onion is found HERE.

In the video is chef Ramsay showing an easy way for an onion to be cut to be sauteed.

Feel free to look at his other videos on YouTube. There are a lot of kitchen basics that will help you when it comes to cooking.

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Instead of skill you should have good and sharp knife when cutting onion, like most cheif did.

why cooking classes and courses are too expensive now a days?

i love to eat hand made pizza

Thank you for nice article. I'm a food lover and i love Pizza and Burger.

Thank you for nice article. I'm a food lover and i love Pizza and Burger.

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