Lunch on the Run

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Ever have class at that awkward time? You know the one, where it begins right around lunch but still to early to actually eat one. Then it goes past a point where if you wait you will too hungry.

Well there is a simple solution to that problem. Let's face it, almost very college student has these two essential lunch items in their kitchen. They are peanut butter and bread. I prefer a whole wheat bread or a multigrain. Not only are they more filling but they also are light enough to count as a whole meal. 

As for the peanut butter I prefer the creamy over chunky. Just a personal preference.

Since you are on the run and can eat after your classes too, just make a half sandwich. Yes, half. Just fold it in half once the peanut butter is spread onto whatever kind of bread you want. 

Now here comes the twist! If you are a bigger person like myself, half a sandwich is not going to do a damn thing, to hold you over. So what I do is add either bananas or honey. Heck you can even add both if you want.

Bananas are not only healthy but they are very beneficial to your health. Along with bananas, honey also have proven to be healthy for you, as you will note from the link in my first blog entry. With the energy you get from all the carbs you are ingesting, it should be able to hold you over for two or more hours. 

Have food related questions? Leave a comment and it will be answered in the next entry!

Food Fast Fact: Peanuts are used in manufacturing dynamite.

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thank for sharing nice post and best ideas for food lovers. I appreciate your contribution.

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