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I'd like to start this blog off by giving Foster Dining Hall a little shout out for always trying to spice up our dinners. At least they are trying to make the selection of food more diverse then when I was a freshman in 2008.

I noticed the other day while eating at the cafe that they put posters up announcing what type of food is coming next throughout the week. One poster that caught my eye was sushi Thursday.

sushi.jpg Photo taken by Aysa Alwood

I thought this was interesting because sushi to me has a unique taste and I didn't realize how many people actually enjoy the taste of fish in there mouth.

I was forced to try sushi a couple times in my life and never really liked it until recently.

That is of course before I tried the cafe's sushi. I am now not willing to put sushi into my mouth ever again. I know that cafe makes some people sick after eating there but holy cow, I think I was sick for a week straight after that.

After eating the sushi I realized something, it was FRIDAY!

Sushi is Thursday, which means I ate leftover sushi...

sushiew.jpg Photo taken by Aysa Alwood

When I realized the sushi was a day old I first got sick to my stomach then I walked home and started researching how long can sushi be kept out. It was actually really hard to find a website that confirmed a actual time, so I took in answers from others off of a website where you post questions to receive answers.

Most of the answers were steering towards 24 hours but no later. Since I do not know when the sushi was actually made I can't time it correctly but the sushi was for dinner Thursday and I ate it around four o'clock Friday so I'd say I was right around the 24 hour deadline if not passed.

Maybe the Cafe should have looked up how to keep sushi fresh over night in order to prevent my sickness. It only took me about 10 minutes to find out facts about sushi, the cafe could have saved me a couple hours of being trapped in the downward dog position on my bed if they would have properly prepared and stored the sushi.

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