Taste testing at the HUB?

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Ever think to taste the food or maybe the new slushies' we have at the HUB?

Drew P. Deller, a business major and student at IUP, thought he'd try out the new slushies' before purchasing one. After doing so he realized taste testing was unacceptable and not allowed in front of the workers at the HUB.

Drew said after throwing away the cup he used to taste his slushy in that a Aramark worker at the HUB came up to him saying, *"You shouldn't have thrown that cup away since I am still going to charge you for it." *Drew made it clear to me that it was only a sip out of the slushy machine, meaning he would have wasted flex on a sip.

So instead of being charged for a sip that he did not like anyways he filled up a cup and paid for the whole slushy. A waste of his flex, for sure, since he threw away the slushy after he walked out of the HUB.

Why aren't we allowed to taste things before we buy them, it is our money that we are spending! Especially since the slushy machine is new this year they should have small cups out for us students to taste which slushy we like more, if any, before wasting our flex money.

If anyone else has stories like this where the HUB, Folgers or the cafe has just pissed you off please comment and share your story!

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