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Resume-Writing Websites

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Below is a list of resume writing websites that I find useful. This website provides sample resumes, templates, FAQs, the Do's and Don'ts of resume building, and a list of keywords to include in resume and cover letter. claims that it can help you create a professional resume in less than 10 minutes. An online resume building website that allows the user to place the content of the resume into a template, and become published on a customized domain name. The resume will look professional and allow visitors to download it in several different formats, including DOC, PDF, ODT, HTML, TXT, and RSS. This website has Phrase Builder technology that helps build headlines and qualifications. The One-Click Formatting tool will reformat a resume for you, by changing fronts and layouts, allowing the resume to look as professional as possible. This website contains over 25,000 resume templates. The site offers knowledge and advice from the best professional resume writers.

Razume. com- This site allows job seekers to upload their resume and receive feedback from reviewers in the online community. The site also allows users to improve their resume, so they can have a better chance of obtaining a job. Users are currently able to search for jobs on the site. 

Good luck!

Nathan Alston, SICA President

Trip to Coca-Cola Headquarters

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Last week, a group of students and myself went to Atlanta to visit the Coca-Cola Company Headquarters. While there, we met with their Global Talent Acquisitioner (GTA) who is in charge of recruiting talent of Coca-Cola. The GTA gave a presentation and described the qualities that Coca-Cola looks for in their employees. 

In companies like Coca-Cola, experience matters. Most of Coca-Cola's employees have previously worked at other companies that either partner with Coca Cola or are in the same industry. 

So, if there is a company that you always dreamed of working for, you should research the type of qualifications of their current employees. Do their employees graduate from the same college? Have they worked at similar companies? If you follow the plans of the employees that already work at your dream company, you are more likely to work there sometimes in the future.

Social media like facebook and linkedin can be useful in tracing the information about employees of a company; especially linkedin, as you can search for employees of the company you want to work for and see what they did to get to the positions they are in now.

The GTA stressed about how having a self-marketing plan for your career is the best way to get to where you want to go in life.

Student Internship & Career Association first meeting

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SICA had its first meeting on October 5th in room 201 of Eberly College of Business. The members brainstormed about the direction of the organization; what types of events the organization is going host, and how to build membership? 

For those who missed the first meeting of the Student Internship & Career Association, please note that SICA's upcoming meeting will be on October 21 at 6:15pm and every other Thursday after that at the same time. All Eberly students are welcome to attend the meeting.

Student Internhsip & Career Association

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My name is Nathan Alston and I am the president of the Student Internship & Career Association (SICA). SICA is a new student organization in the Eberly College of Business and Infomration Technology, whose mission is to create networking opportunities among current and aspiring interns, linking them to past interns and prospective employers as well as assisting in the student career search by providing similar networking avenues.

SICA is currently looking for IUP business students to fill officer positions that are avilable in the organization. The positions of vice president, secretary, and treasury are currently avaliable.

If you have any questions about SICA and what we do feel free to email me at

Thank you for your time,

Nathan Alston