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Starting your Job-Search

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Many students ask me the question: "How do I get started with my job search?" Here is some advice for those who have the same question.

First of all, searching for a job is a full-time job, unless you are that SUPER student with lots of luck!  You need to start by introspecting your best case scenario as well as what would be acceptable to you--the type of work, the kind of organization, and the location. Be a little flexible while setting this agenda since the best case scenario may not work out all the time. More importantly, be realistic!

Once you get your resume and cover letter formats in order, launch a multi-pronged attack...there are a number of avenues that you should be exploring. A) Start with your network--family members, neighbors, contacts that you might have established through student organizations, recent alumni with whom you were friends with, etc. Don't discount the possibility of getting help from any corner. B) Identify about 25 organizations that are on your "A" list. Visit their web sites, learn about these organizations, and most importantly, monitor the job opportunities for recent College graduates on their sites.  C) Post your resume on all the reputed job-search portals and keep updating it. I have known many students, especially with some special skills or experience, getting interview calls after their resumes were picked up on Monster. com and similar sites. It may not work for all but certainly there is no harm in trying. D) Check the resources at IUP and Eberly. Pay regular visits to the Eberly Internship & Corporate Relations suite at Eberly (www.iup.edu/business) and the IUP Career Development Center (www.iup.edu/career/) in Pratt Hall. E) Keep your eyes and ears open for job fairs. There are some job fairs in other universities that you can attend for a nominal cost. F) Be in touch with your professors. From time to time, they get calls from employers asking for help in filling entry-level positions.

I think it was one of Dale Carnegie's quotes, and I paraphrase: "luck (or success) is the meeting place of opportunities passing by AND your alertness." So, be alert and be at the right place at the right time. Best wishes!