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Attend an internship or job fair

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Hello students,

Internship and career fairs are still an effective way of making an initial contact with a prospective employer. For a nation-wide listing of job fairs, please click on the following link:


For another source of job fairs, click on the following link.


Perhaps, there is a job fair that you can attend while you are on your Thanksgiving break, winter break or spring break.

Good luck, Madan Batra

How to Access Eberly Internship Employer Database

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Hello students, 

The Internship Office in Room 302 Eberly maintains an internship employer database that is made available to eligible business students. The database contains those employers that have requested an internship or hired an Eberly intern in the past. To access the database, the following steps are followed.

·        Eligible students, usually juniors, seniors or MBA students go to www.iup.edu/business/internships, click on Information for Students, Preparing to Find an Internship, and then, Inquiry Form. 

·        Maureen Bash at the Internship Office receives the form by way of email, forwards it to the student's department coordinator, sends an email to the student suggesting to contact the department coordinator along with his/her resume and letter

·        The department coordinator reviews the student's internship pre-requisites and resume/letter, and suggests Maureen Bash to release the internship database

·        Maureen Bash sends the username and password to the student along with login instructions.

·        The student goes to www.iup.edu/business/internships , clicks on Information for Students, Finding an Internship, Employer Database, Internship Database Login, enters username and database, and reviews the prospective employers. The student contacts the employers directly, and checks the internship opportunities are still available.

·        There are numerous other ways of identifying prospective employers that will be posted in future articles. Stay tuned. Good luck! 


Dr. Batra



Visit Career Centers Across the Nation and Beyond

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As you approach graduation, or get ready for seeking an internship, it is a good idea to visit the Career Center of your University, and explore the help that is available to you. IUP's Career Development Center is situated in Pratt Hall. Their website URL is www.iup.edu/career.

Now, suppose, you are looking for an internship in New York City. You should also make an online visit to the career centers of all the universities situated in New York City. In this regard, the website of National Association of Colleges and Employers is very helpful. For this, you go to their website  www.jobweb.com. Click on Students, Career & Job Search Information, and Career Center Websites. Here, you will find the URLs of Career Centers of all the universities throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, UK and Europe. Of course, you will also find the listing of all of the universities in New York City.

Good luck in job hunting and internship endeavors!

An Excellent Website on Resumes, Letters, Interviews and More

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If you are a junior or senior or MBA student, and getting ready for an internship experience or entry-level job, you need assistance in developing an effective resume and cover letter, and in mastering your interviewing skills, etc. www.jobweb.com is an excellent website. Click on "Students" and you will find numerous samples of entry-level resumes for accounting, management, finance, international business majors, etc. You will notice some good examples of job correspondence, some effective tips on interviewing, and some highly relevant additional information.

A highly recommended website!

Good luck.

Welcome all!

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Hello students. This is Madan Batra, College-wide Internship Coordinator at Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. I am excited about introducing this new blog service from the Eberly Internship Office. We have a team of 6 departmental internship coordintators who will periodically post articles to assist Eberly business students in their internship and career needs. Please stay tuned for more information...