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Trip to Coca-Cola Headquarters

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Last week, a group of students and myself went to Atlanta to visit the Coca-Cola Company Headquarters. While there, we met with their Global Talent Acquisitioner (GTA) who is in charge of recruiting talent of Coca-Cola. The GTA gave a presentation and described the qualities that Coca-Cola looks for in their employees. 

In companies like Coca-Cola, experience matters. Most of Coca-Cola's employees have previously worked at other companies that either partner with Coca Cola or are in the same industry. 

So, if there is a company that you always dreamed of working for, you should research the type of qualifications of their current employees. Do their employees graduate from the same college? Have they worked at similar companies? If you follow the plans of the employees that already work at your dream company, you are more likely to work there sometimes in the future.

Social media like facebook and linkedin can be useful in tracing the information about employees of a company; especially linkedin, as you can search for employees of the company you want to work for and see what they did to get to the positions they are in now.

The GTA stressed about how having a self-marketing plan for your career is the best way to get to where you want to go in life.