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11 Hot Job Skills for 2011

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This is one of those top things lists that get published each year in the Computerworld magazine. While not be treated as a gospel truth, the list does give some indication as to where the market is heading and students can match their interests with skills to better align themselves to the job market. Needless to say in the MIS discipline one needs to be ready to engage in a lifetime of continuous learning. Here are the top skills (you can read more details at http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/351231/11_hot_skills_for_2011):
  1. Programming and application development
  2. Project Management
  3. Help Desk/Technical Support
  4. Networking
  5. Security
  6. Data Center
  7. Web 2.0
  8. Telecommunications
  9. Business Intelligence
  10. Collaboration Architecture
  11. Business Acumen and Communication Skills
Please note that the MIS curriculum typically imparts you with skills in at least 4 to 5 of these areas. So, try to take as many programming classes as possible.

Attend an internship or job fair

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Hello students,

Internship and career fairs are still an effective way of making an initial contact with a prospective employer. For a nation-wide listing of job fairs, please click on the following link:


For another source of job fairs, click on the following link.


Perhaps, there is a job fair that you can attend while you are on your Thanksgiving break, winter break or spring break.

Good luck, Madan Batra

Online Internship/Job Search Strategies

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 Tips on "Online Internship & Job Search Strategies"

Summary from a recent workshop

For more information email me

Dr. Krish Krishnan (krishnan@iup.edu)


1)      Use Google Search to locate new and useful resources

a)      Example Search -> "Top Internship Websites"
Let us take a look at what Columbia.Edu has to offer us...
It is an exploratory and sequential process of search

2)      World of "Job Search Engines" some samples

a)      www.careerjet.com

b)      JuJu  www.job-search-engine.com

c)      www.jobcentral.com

d)      www.simplyhired.com

e)      And there are many more out there if you look for them....

3)      You can search for Sample Resumes and Sample Cover letters in your field

a)      Or go to sites that give you advice on how to... www.jobweb.com

b)      Info on starting salaries, interview techniques, researching employers

4)      Using Employer Databases to look for internships and jobs in selected geographical areas.

a)      Reference USA  (from inside IUP or through VPN connection through IUP)
Demo of sample search for marketing internship in Philadelphia

5)      You can also visit company websites of companies where you would like to start

a)      Let us look for a job at Frito Lay

b)      Look for "Careers" link (about us, company info sections)

c)      Research the job

d)      Apply online.

6)      Summary

a)      Search for sample resumes and cover letters and create a basic resume

b)      Search for internships and jobs using job search engines, databases etc.

c)      Research the employer by visiting website and finding exactly what they will be looking for.

d)      Tailor your resume for each job/internship; never send the same resume to two different employers; always customize.

e)      Law of large numbers; send a 100 resume your chances are better, send 500 resumes - you are bound to hit the jackpot.


Visit:  www.iup.edu/business/internships

How to Access Eberly Internship Employer Database

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Hello students, 

The Internship Office in Room 302 Eberly maintains an internship employer database that is made available to eligible business students. The database contains those employers that have requested an internship or hired an Eberly intern in the past. To access the database, the following steps are followed.

·        Eligible students, usually juniors, seniors or MBA students go to www.iup.edu/business/internships, click on Information for Students, Preparing to Find an Internship, and then, Inquiry Form. 

·        Maureen Bash at the Internship Office receives the form by way of email, forwards it to the student's department coordinator, sends an email to the student suggesting to contact the department coordinator along with his/her resume and letter

·        The department coordinator reviews the student's internship pre-requisites and resume/letter, and suggests Maureen Bash to release the internship database

·        Maureen Bash sends the username and password to the student along with login instructions.

·        The student goes to www.iup.edu/business/internships , clicks on Information for Students, Finding an Internship, Employer Database, Internship Database Login, enters username and database, and reviews the prospective employers. The student contacts the employers directly, and checks the internship opportunities are still available.

·        There are numerous other ways of identifying prospective employers that will be posted in future articles. Stay tuned. Good luck! 


Dr. Batra