The Hoodlebug Trail

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The Hoodlebug Trail is one place you can go to get in touch with nature. The trail is a ten-mile recreation trail that is located in the center part of Indiana county. The Hoodlebug runs through residential, commerical and naturally placed parts of the town.



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The Hoodlebug came to be in the 1850's when the Indiana Branch of the Pennslyvaina Railroad was first built in Indiana County. The trail follows the Indiana railroad that runs between the Indiana and Homer City areas.

The trail also has access to the Floodway park, IA (asphalt plant), IUP South Campus, Old Route 119 A, Red Barn, and Saylor Park.











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The trail is open year-round for all non-motorized activities. Some of those activities include bicycling, hiking, walking, and even cross country skiing.

"I love the Hoodlebug Trail, it's very peacful and a convenient place to run," said Morgan Shaffer an Indiana county resident.  


 The next time you are looking for something to do and want to exercise or enjoy the nice weather head over to the Hoodlebug Trail.

Contact Information:

Indiana County Parks & Trails

1128 Blue Spruce Road
Indiana , Pa 15701

Phone: 724-463-8636

Fax: 724-463-8740





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