Steel City Samiches

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Steel City is conviently located within walking distance from the bars. The restaurant can be found on North 7th street. It is said that Indiana lacks a late night spot for people to grab a bite  to eat. That is exactly why Steel City was created. This restuarant brings "Pittsburgh-Style" food to indiana. Steel City has an easy going, fun atmosphere. They have eating challenges if you can eat 3 samiches in one hour you get all the samiches for half price and your picture on the "Samich Wall Of Fame. If you are tired of waiting in line for the same old food give Steel City a chance. If you dont like samiches Steel city offers other options to its customers. These options include: wings, wraps, chicken and various other fried appitizers.

"Steel City is a great place to go late at night and its only a short walk from the bar," said Kelsey Cheers a junior communications major.                                                  4



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In the summer of 2010 Steel City also obtained their liquor license. You now can have a cold one and enjoy some great food.


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