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The Hoodlebug Trail

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The Hoodlebug Trail is one place you can go to get in touch with nature. The trail is a ten-mile recreation trail that is located in the center part of Indiana county. The Hoodlebug runs through residential, commerical and naturally placed parts of the town.



Photo credit : ( http://www.indianacountyparks.org/trails/ht/htdirmap.htm)


The Hoodlebug came to be in the 1850's when the Indiana Branch of the Pennslyvaina Railroad was first built in Indiana County. The trail follows the Indiana railroad that runs between the Indiana and Homer City areas.

The trail also has access to the Floodway park, IA (asphalt plant), IUP South Campus, Old Route 119 A, Red Barn, and Saylor Park.











Photo credit(http://www.indianacountyparks.org/trails/ht/htdirmap.htm)


The trail is open year-round for all non-motorized activities. Some of those activities include bicycling, hiking, walking, and even cross country skiing.

"I love the Hoodlebug Trail, it's very peacful and a convenient place to run," said Morgan Shaffer an Indiana county resident.  


 The next time you are looking for something to do and want to exercise or enjoy the nice weather head over to the Hoodlebug Trail.

Contact Information:

Indiana County Parks & Trails

1128 Blue Spruce Road
Indiana , Pa 15701

Phone: 724-463-8636

Fax: 724-463-8740

Email: inaparks@gmail.com




Boomerang's Bar and Grill

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Boomerang's aka boomies is another bar located on Philadelphia street. Boomies is one of the smaller bars in Indiana but its not lacking in fun. Inside there is a front and a back bar where you can order all your favorite drinks. They also have 3 pool tables, a closed off paito and an inviting dance floor.


" Boomies is one of my favorite bars,"said Matt Campbell a junior business major. "It's a very relaxed friendly place to catch up with your friends."


Like all the other local bars Boomies has weekly drink specials. Enjoy $1 domestic drafts and $2 Pinnacle flavors on tuesday nights while you listen to guest DJ's from 10pm until midnight. If you are more of a end of week partier boomies has you covered. Sip on their $.50 cent wells, $1.50 bud light bottles or $7 dollar Bacardi pitchers from 10 pm until midnight on Thursday nights.

Photo credit ( http://boomerangs.advertieria.com/

 If you are too busy studying to make it out for any of their weekly specials try for the weekend. If you don't enjoy drinking boomies can still be a fun place to go. They feature live music on Fridays at 9 pm. They also have a paino where you can sit and create your own music. Boomies offers something for everyone, if its the drink specials, live entertainment, or pool tables you are sure to have a fun night out. 


Contact Information:
547 Philadelphia Street
Indiana, Pa, 15701.

Phone : 724-463-7264

Mon-Wed: 5pm-2am
Thurs-Sat: 11 am-2am
Sun: 5pm- 2am

Looking For a Challenge?  On Saturday April, 28 Boomies is bringing back the mechanical bull. Think you can handle it? Enter with your friends for your chance to win prizes.  



Steel City Samiches

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Steel City is conviently located within walking distance from the bars. The restaurant can be found on North 7th street. It is said that Indiana lacks a late night spot for people to grab a bite  to eat. That is exactly why Steel City was created. This restuarant brings "Pittsburgh-Style" food to indiana. Steel City has an easy going, fun atmosphere. They have eating challenges if you can eat 3 samiches in one hour you get all the samiches for half price and your picture on the "Samich Wall Of Fame. If you are tired of waiting in line for the same old food give Steel City a chance. If you dont like samiches Steel city offers other options to its customers. These options include: wings, wraps, chicken and various other fried appitizers.

"Steel City is a great place to go late at night and its only a short walk from the bar," said Kelsey Cheers a junior communications major.                                                  4



 ( Image provided by  http://samiches.com/gallery.html)

In the summer of 2010 Steel City also obtained their liquor license. You now can have a cold one and enjoy some great food.


H.B Culpeppers

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H.B Culpeppers is the place to go if you want to catch  the game with your friends. Culpeppers has two levels on the main floor is a restaurant where you can order all kinds of good food. They also have a wrap around bar where you can order all of your favorite drinks. If your a sports fan and wantto watch the game without a huge crowed the down stairs at Culpeppers is for you.



Photo credit : http://www.hbculpeppers.com/album.php?id=2827 

 They also have the Upper Deck Sports Bar which is upstairs. This crowd tends to get a little rowdy during games, if you like a party scene this place is for you. Not only can you watch the game, drink a beer, listen to music, but you can also play pool and catch up with your friends. Much like the other bars in town Culpeppers offers drink and menu specials through text messaging. All you have to do is text "HBC" to 91944 for the latest updates.  Next time you and your friends are looking for a place to hang out look no further then Culpeppers.


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Night time comes and you have nothing to do, look no further then Wolfendales. Conviently located on Philadelphia street Woflies is within walking distance from campus. Why should you go to Woflies you ask? It has something for everyone. If you are a sports fan you can catch the game with your friends at Grubs sports bar which is located on the opposite side of Wolfies. At Grubs you grab some food, have a few beers and watch the game with your friends.

Wolfies also has a large dance floor for those of us who lilke to bust a move. As long as you don't mind have napkins and toliet paper thrown down at you Wolfies is the place for you! They have different specials every night. They are famous for their Tuesday night specials which include .25 cent wells from 9pm-10pm and .50 cent wells from 10pm-12pm. So go out have some fun and spend that annoying change in your pocket.

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