You can never know too much about sex.

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And here it is. The end of another semester. The end of a set of classes and professors. And the end of work, even if only for a little while. But one thing that it's not the end of is sex or your knowledge about it. While I haven't wrote the best blog, I hope to have informed you a little bit or maybe even entertained you.

So, I think I'm going to leave you with a few websites that you can continue to use to further your knowledge on sex and all that goes with it.

The first one I will direct you to is IUP's site for the health center on campus. While they don't have a specific section on sex, the site has a little bit of information as well as reference pages and contact information for the health center.

The next site is going to be WebMD. They have a huge site on any kind of health issues you may want to know about, along with with a Health and Sex Guide, which is very beneficial. Their cite is fully cited and most pieces are written by doctors.

One of the best sites that I have found as I have been researching is It is like a blog and they refer to their entries as posts. While many of the articles use the word teen, it can definitely be useful for a college student in their early twenties. They have a section called "Sexpert" Advice, where they encourage you to write in with questions or concers. Definitely worth checking out.

The last site that stuck out in my mind and that I used a lot was The website has articles from sex to hair to clothes. It is written by college students from all over the country and gives very realistic ideas. I liked it because it was one of the only sites I could find that was college specific.


So, this will be my sign off. Happy browsing and blogging!

Also, if you find any sites you could like to share that could be helpful, feel free to comment and let me know!


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