Education and Then Comes Babies

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It is no doubt that babies are cute and children are wonderful. You may not necessarily want the Leave It To Beaver while picket fence lifestyle, but who doesn't want a family? The only problem is it is happening at a younger and younger age.

According to information obtained by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, thirty-four percent of young women become pregnant before the age of 20. This is about 820,000 a year. Seventy-nine percent of these are to unmarried teens.

The U.S. has the highest rates of teen pregnancies and births in the industialized world. It costs our country about $7 billion a year.

Pregnancy is a big factor in a teens education. Only one-third of teen moms will recieve a highschool diploma and only 1.5% of teen moms will recieve a college degree by the age of 30.

Becoming a teen mom has become more culturally accepted and less frowned upon. Much has to do with shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, which broadcast on MTV.

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The girls on these shows go through issues such as fighting with their boyfriends, recieving support or lack there of from parents, trying to find a job and balancing school with a child. The shows have recieved some criticism for "candy coating" the idea of pregnancy or making it seem acceptable.

Whether these shows are on or not, the facts are real and scary. We all know how to prevent pregnancy and we need to do them. There will be plenty of time to have families, but we need to enjoy our youth and not push time. We should get a degree and then think about babies.

Do you know anyone who had a child as a teen and is trying to balance having a family and school? 

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