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When you have sex, you should always use protection. Well, duh. But the amount of college students who don't use condoms is shocking. Why? Condoms are found at any convience store you can go to as well department stores such as Walmart. They are even easier to get if you happen to be a college student. Most universities give out condoms in their health centers.


At Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the health center works with Adagio Health to give students provision care and have a progran called Health AWAREness. And you know what, condoms are free.


In a survey on http://wwww.thebody.com, 116 random college students from across the country were polled. While 43% of students said they use condoms during sex, 24% said they never do. Although the percentage is almost half for the amount that do, the more shocking statistic is that just under a fourth of students never do.

In a mini study done by myself over the weekend, I asked 10 of my male friends if they use condoms every time. Six said they did and four said they did sometimes. Sometimes. The common trend seems to be that while many students do use them, a large percentage don't or sometimes do.


So next time someone brings up the idea of protection to you, don't just nod and say you know, do something about it. Make sure you use protection every time. Don't take the risk of pregnancy or diseases. 

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