Instead of Plan B, try birth control.

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Birth control. Two words that often strike fear in teen girls as well as their parents. Parent: Why would my daughter need that? Is she having sex? Is she trying to get pregnant?! Teen: I'm not trying to have sex, I have acne. I just want my period to be regular.

These questions or statements are very common when the topic is brought up. Birth control may seem very new wave to the older generation, especially for a 15 year old, but it has become one of the easiest ways to prevent pregnancy as well as staying regulated.

People have been using birth control for thousands of years, but it has come a long way in the past few years. There are now even more options than 10 or 20 years ago.

According to Wikipedia, the first and most common is an oral contraceptive pill (OCPs). There are very many different kinds you can give, the only difference mainly just being how much estrogen they emit.

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Another method that has gained a lot more popularity in recent years is Ortho-Evra, better known as the patch. As opposed to the pill, the patch is to be changed weekly rather than taken every day.

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Another is an injectable contraceptive such as Depro-Provera. Depro-Provera is injected like a shot. The Nuva-ring is also injectable and inserted into the vagina. It can be left there for up to three weeks.

All of the methods listed above basically do the same thing by delivering hormones into your body, which shuts off your own system and replaces the hormones you normally have with ones that inhibit ovulation.

Birth control has also become more affordable to get in the past few years. Many college campuses distribute it for little cost if you are under a health insurance plan. At IUP you can get oral contraceptives with a ten dollar copay.

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