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No.. I'm not talking about real virginity, I'm talking about "popping my cherry" when it comes to blogs. So welcome to the first exciting edition of Lets Talk About Sex Baby.

Who doesn't want to talk about sex? We all think about it and I'm sure quite a few participate in it as well. I'm here to spread some knowledge about such a taboo subject.

College is a time to experiment in all aspects of life, but all too often we participate a little too much in the playing field of sex. Being away from parents, teachers, extended family, etc., who told you what you couldn't do is the perfect time to figure things out for yourself. But, before you know it, you could end up a dirty statistic. Hopefully I can help to make a little less stressful or scary.

I know, I know, the last thing you want is some random stranger informing you about sex and telling you "you should use a condom". But, that is the last thing I'm here to do. Instead I'm going to mix in some statistics from nationwide colleges, more importantly, IUP and also share some personal experiences to make it a little less generic. I also hope to get some real stories from real people.

So, I hope you'll enjoy reading this and not find it a little too "middle school sex ed," and instead embrace sex in a whole new way.

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