Abstinence? I don't think so.

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At least once in every young adults' life they are asked to participate in a survey about their participation in sex or sexual activities. And while there is no proof of whether a student is telling the truth or not, usually it is a good indicator.

According to study conducted by Zogby International, students were asked if they were sexually active. Fixty-six-and-a-half replied yes and 40.4 percent said no. In another study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 79.5 percent of students 18-24 said that they had had sexual intercourse.

These numbers in your mind may seem much too high or even much too low. But, either way it is safe to say college students are very sexually active. The reason these statistics are so high could have to do with many factors including being away from home for the first time AKA freedom, alcohol or drugs. And while it is safe to say that sometimes none of these reasons factor in, they play a large part.

We have been hearing the word abstinence since we were probably in middle school or even before then. We have probably known what it meant since then as well. But honestly, peer pressure set aside, we want to have sex. Why wouldn't we? We are sexual beings who have desires. So while I don't condone having sex all the time, I condone making a choice that is healthy and right for you. If you're going to live up a statistic, at least be healthy when doing it. Don't make cloudy judgments based on alcohol. Do it because someone means something to you.

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