Tebow Jetting to New York

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                                                                                                New York Jets QB Tim Tebow

"Tebowmania" is coming to New York. On March 21, SportsCenter broke the news that the New York Jets and Denver Broncos made it official and sent Tim Tebow to the Jets for a fourth and sixth round pick in April's NFL Draft. Tebow was in total control of the trade with the Broncos giving him the choice of where he would like to be traded. His choice came down to the Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars and made the surprising choice of the Jets.

This trade can either be really great or really bad for the Jets. Right now it's not a good trade. They just gave a quarterback with confidence problems more to worry about and a divided locker room more problems. These problems can get even worse when the season starts. The second Mark Sanchez struggles the fans are going to do the same thing Broncos fans did, which is start badgering the team to put Tebow in, causing more locker room QB problems. Then if they decide to start Tebow and he struggles, this trade could cost Head Coach Rex Ryan and General Manager Mike Tannenbaum their jobs with them still needing to figure out what to do with Sanchez and Tebow. What a mess this could cause.

On the other side, this trade could be great. If Sanchez plays well and they can put a different spin on the wildcat offense, the Jets can easily be the top scoring team in the league. A Tebow-led wildcat offense will be a great change-of-pace attack that keeps the offense from stalling and defenses on their heels. Combining that offense with their already great defense, they are definitely a playoff team and will battle the Broncos to get to the Super Bowl, thickening the story even more. When it comes to the locker room, winning fixes everything and if this trade is successful, drama for the Jets will be a thing of the past.   

This trade will either be historically great or historically bad. It will certainly be interesting to see how it all plays out. I know it's definitely one of the stories I'll be watching this season. As Tebow said 45 times during his press conference I'm "excited."

What's your take on the trade?

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I think that this will be a good trad for both sides, the Broncos and Jets.
The Broncos get one of the best quaterbacks in the league in Payton Manning. While the Jets get one of the best athletes in the NFL in Tim Tebow.
Tim Tebow brings with him the excitement and he can give the team the extra mental boost. he can play multiple positions and is willing to do watever it takes to help the team and get the job done. Also if Mark Sanchez can't get the job done Tim Tebow can step in and be a good quaterback for the team.

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Very nicely written! good job.

I dont think the Jets will be any better after this trade. They have way bigger problems than their back-up quarterback. They have an aging defense that is devoid of stars beside Revis and their offense is flaky at best. Although Tebow could be an amazing wildcat qb at the direction of the the creator of the wildcat and new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, the wildcat is only effective when used sparingly.
They wont get much out of this trade and if Tebow ends up taking the starting spot, it will mean the offense has imploded and things arent going well.

I'm not a Tebow or Sanchez fan and not a Jets fan so I have no vested interest but it's definitely going to be interesting to see all the drama surrounding the Jets this year. Hopefully they're on HBO's Hard Knocks again to see it firsthand.

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