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Eagles the big winners in the 2012 NFL Draft

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nfldraft2012_logo_medium.jpgEven in the offseason, the NFL still has winners and losers. As the NFL Draft came to a close on Saturday it came time to determine who had the best draft. That team turned out to be the Philadelphia Eagles, who drafted a quality player and filling major needs with each pick. The Eagles started off trading down in the first round from fifteenth to twelfth to select defensive tackle Fletcher Cox out of Mississippi State, who ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper ranked as the best defensive lineman in the draft. Cox will make an immediate


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impact on the Eagles' defensive line, helping plug up the hole in the middle where opposing running backs hurt them all last season. In the second round they solidified their linebacking position, drafting Mychal Kendricks out of California. Playing alongside recently added DeMeco Ryans, Kendricks gives them the talent they've been looking for at linebacker also helping a run defense that ranked sixteenth last season. The third pick also came in the second round and was defensive end Vinny Curry out of Marshall. The addition of Curry will make their already great pass rush even better.

AP120426020893--nfl_mezz_1280_1024.jpgIt wouldn't be an Andy Reid led draft without the Eagles drafting a quarterback and that's just what they did in the third round, picking Nick Foles out of Arizona. Though he won't be filling a big need, Foles has the potential to one day develop into a starting QB when current QB Mike Vick leaves. The Eagles' fifth pick was cornerback Brandon Boykin out of Georgia. Boykin has the potential of being one of the biggest steals of the draft, with the talent to match up with some of the best receivers in the league while filling the hole left by recently traded CB Asante Samuel. With their sixth pick they filled a major hole left by the injury to Pro Bowl offensive tackle Jason Peters, drafting OT Dennis Kelly out of Purdue in round five.

                                                                                            Eagles' first round pick: Fletcher Cox

Another possible steal came in the sixth round with their selection of wide receiver Marvin McNutt out of Iowa. McNutt was the star receiver at Iowa, currently holding several school records and giving the Eagles another offensive weapon. The Eagles used their last two picks of the draft on offense as well, drafting offensive guard Brandon Washington out of Miami and running back Bryce Brown out of Kansas State. Washington has the ability to outplay his draft stock while Brown gives RB LeSean McCoy help in the back field.

Overall the Eagles did exactly what they needed to do. They went in needing to improve on their defense which was their down fall last season. With their first two picks they drastically improved the defense and throughout the rest of the draft they made a great offense better, setting the team up for a bright future. The Eagles are now contenders once again and can truly be the "dream team" they promised to be last season.

Which team do you think had the best draft?

ESPN Draft Expert Todd McShay picks his draft winners

A Bounty of Problems for the Saints

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SaintsHelmet.jpg                                                                                                                   New Orleans Saints    


The New Orleans Saints will be without Head Coach Sean Payton the entire 2012 NFL season after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld the suspension after the Saints appealed on April 9. Early last month the news broke on ESPN that former Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams set up a bounty system where players were paid to injure opposing players. The Saints' bounty system's purpose was offering cash bonuses for big hits that knocked targeted opponents out of games or hurt them enough that they required help getting to the sideline.

Along with Payton, others were punished for their knowledge of the bounty system. Others suspended are General Manager Mickey Loomis for eight games, Assistant Coach Joe Vitt for six games and Williams, who is banned indefinitely. Goodell's punishments didn't end with the suspensions, The Saints also won't have second-round picks for the next two drafts and will have to pay the $500,000 fine. Player suspensions and fines could also be coming soon, league officials have said punishment will be harsh, largely because players were the ones who primarily funded the bounty system.

Payton's season-long suspension without pay for the 2012 NFL season will begin April 16. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told NFL Network's Albert Breer that Payton "cannot be involved in any coaching activities, he can't be at the facility, or with the team at games."

Even with all these suspensions and fines the Saints should still do well this season because they still have Drew Brees. With the leadership of Brees and other veteran players, the Saints will continue to have their great offense. They definitely will have problems on defense, with the possibility of Jonathan Vilma, their leader on defense, being suspended, but they have done a great job at finding a temporary replacement. They recently signed linebacker Curtis Lofton, who started for the Atlanta Falcons the past four seasons. Lofton is just as good, if not better than Vilma and if he can step up and be a leader, the Saints defense can thrive. I'm not saying they will win the Super Bowl, which happens to be in New Orleans this season, but they will definitely be a playoff team.

How do you think the Saints will do this season and do you think the punishment is fair?

NFL Network Analyst Rich Eisen speaks with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Tebow Jetting to New York

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                                                                                                New York Jets QB Tim Tebow

"Tebowmania" is coming to New York. On March 21, SportsCenter broke the news that the New York Jets and Denver Broncos made it official and sent Tim Tebow to the Jets for a fourth and sixth round pick in April's NFL Draft. Tebow was in total control of the trade with the Broncos giving him the choice of where he would like to be traded. His choice came down to the Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars and made the surprising choice of the Jets.

This trade can either be really great or really bad for the Jets. Right now it's not a good trade. They just gave a quarterback with confidence problems more to worry about and a divided locker room more problems. These problems can get even worse when the season starts. The second Mark Sanchez struggles the fans are going to do the same thing Broncos fans did, which is start badgering the team to put Tebow in, causing more locker room QB problems. Then if they decide to start Tebow and he struggles, this trade could cost Head Coach Rex Ryan and General Manager Mike Tannenbaum their jobs with them still needing to figure out what to do with Sanchez and Tebow. What a mess this could cause.

On the other side, this trade could be great. If Sanchez plays well and they can put a different spin on the wildcat offense, the Jets can easily be the top scoring team in the league. A Tebow-led wildcat offense will be a great change-of-pace attack that keeps the offense from stalling and defenses on their heels. Combining that offense with their already great defense, they are definitely a playoff team and will battle the Broncos to get to the Super Bowl, thickening the story even more. When it comes to the locker room, winning fixes everything and if this trade is successful, drama for the Jets will be a thing of the past.   

This trade will either be historically great or historically bad. It will certainly be interesting to see how it all plays out. I know it's definitely one of the stories I'll be watching this season. As Tebow said 45 times during his press conference I'm "excited."

What's your take on the trade?

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