Rams will trade the number 2 overall pick

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 Where will Robert Griffin III play next season? This is now the burning question on NFL fans' minds. On Monday, the St. Louis Rams revealed that they are willing to trade the number two overall pick in April's draft. The Rams are expected to ask for a number one pick in this year's and next year's draft and two other picks in return. As of now there are three teams interested: the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins.

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With Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn available and not much to offer, the Dolphins will probably drop out of the running. Of the three teams the Browns have the most to offer and the least to lose, since they have two first round picks, but the team most likely to make the trade is the Redskins. They are definitely the most desperate and would benefit the most from Griffin. Last season the Redskins were a mess at quarterback. They rotated between two below average QBs hoping something would work, but it obviously didn't.

With a QB like RG3, the Redskins can be a worst to first team. Griffin would give their offense new life and dimensions they never had before. With his size, athleticism and if he can keep turnovers to a minimum, he could be one of the top passing and rushing QBs. If the Redskins can improve their already decent defense, they will definitely become a contender for the division championship and maybe the Super Bowl a few years down the road. Doing so won't be difficult. Like Michael Vick for the Philadelphia Eagles, RG3 will make players want to come to Washington. With how exciting of a playmaker he can be, other players will feed off that and they will want to be a part of it.

The Redskins have to get Griffin. This is a guy who can be the face of the franchise for years to come, which is something they haven't had in a long time. He has the "it" factor that will make him an instant star. Washington gives RG3 a place to have success, the Redskins the franchise player they always wanted and the fans a new hero in a town that hasn't had one in a long time.


Robert Griffin III as a Washington Redskin 


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