Mike Wallace leaving Steel City?

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                                                                   Steelers WR Mike Wallace

With free agency around the corner some big names are starting to draw interest. Recently the question has been where soon to be free agent Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Mike Wallace will land this offseason. If you've watched ESPN lately, you have heard all the speculation surrounding Wallace. With the Steelers being 11 million dollars over the salary cap, they need to make some moves to get back under the salary cap and losing Wallace could be a result of that. If the Steelers want to keep Wallace they will need to either use the franchise tag or a high tender, which will give them a first round pick if he signs with another team. With teams like the Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, San Fransisco 49ers and New England Patriots all needing receivers and all being under the cap the Steelers will have a tough time retaining him.

If the Steelers tender Wallace and another team offers him a contract higher than what the Steelers can pay, they will need to either cut players and match the offer or let him go.   

The Steelers can't let him go, and I don't think they will let him go. With the possibility of Hines Ward not returning, the Steelers are already losing a big target and one of their all-time best receivers. In the last two seasons, no Steelers receiver has been better than Wallace who led the team in yards and TDs. They need to franchise him and make some cuts. With the way the Steelers draft they can afford to make some tough cuts and replace them in the draft. If they let Wallace go they lose their biggest offensive weapon and be left with below average to average receivers. Losing Wallace may not make them miss the playoffs, but the season will have the same result as last season and not make it out of the first round.

It may be a lose-lose for the Steelers, if you keep him you have to make some cuts you don't want to make or you let him go and he goes to a division rival, maybe making them the third best team in the division. Time will tell whether they decide to keep him or not, but there are big changes coming to Pittsburgh either way.

What do you think the Steelers and Wallace should do?

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