Luck vs. RG3

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                                         Stanford QB Andrew Luck and Baylor QB Robert Griffin III

As the NFL Combine began on Wednesday, the burning question was who will have the better performance, Stanford QB Andrew Luck or Baylor QB Robert Griffin III. Both are battling to be the number one overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL Draft. We are left to wait and see who has the better throwing drill since both are skipping the Combine throwing drills and waiting till their Pro Days so they can work with a familiar environment and familiar receivers from their own team. However, we did get to see who the better athlete was on Sunday.

Griffin stole the show as he posted the second fastest 40-yard dash in Combine history. He ran a time of 4.41, second all-time to Mike Vick back in 2001. His time was .18 better than last season's NFL Rookie of the Year, QB Cam Newton, who scored an NFL record 12 rushing TDs by a QB. Griffin bested Luck in the 40 by .26 and the vertical jump by three inches, but fell to Luck by four inches in the broad jump. We can now say that Griffin is the better athlete, but that was already assumed going into the Combine. When it comes down to who is a better QB it is all about decision making and reading defenses.

Luck is the better QB because even though he won't have more rushing yards and TDs as Griffin, he will have better stats in the passing categories, which is what really counts. In college, Luck had the better completion percentage and yards per pass attempt while Griffin had the better rushing stats. So we can see that Luck is the better decision maker and is usually very productive with those decisions. It doesn't matter how fast your QB can run it depends on how he can read a defense and find the open receiver leading the team down the field and giving the offense balance. Griffin will have a successful career, he may even be the next Vick, but he won't have the same success as Luck. Another take away from the Combine is that Luck isn't too far less of an athlete than Griffin.

With good athleticism and a great football IQ, Luck could end his career as one of the all-time bests. It has yet to be seen who will have the better Pro Day, but I'd put my money on Luck.

Who do you think is the better quarterback? 

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My hero is Andrew Luck.I will vote for him.

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