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Luck vs. RG3

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                                         Stanford QB Andrew Luck and Baylor QB Robert Griffin III

As the NFL Combine began on Wednesday, the burning question was who will have the better performance, Stanford QB Andrew Luck or Baylor QB Robert Griffin III. Both are battling to be the number one overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL Draft. We are left to wait and see who has the better throwing drill since both are skipping the Combine throwing drills and waiting till their Pro Days so they can work with a familiar environment and familiar receivers from their own team. However, we did get to see who the better athlete was on Sunday.

Griffin stole the show as he posted the second fastest 40-yard dash in Combine history. He ran a time of 4.41, second all-time to Mike Vick back in 2001. His time was .18 better than last season's NFL Rookie of the Year, QB Cam Newton, who scored an NFL record 12 rushing TDs by a QB. Griffin bested Luck in the 40 by .26 and the vertical jump by three inches, but fell to Luck by four inches in the broad jump. We can now say that Griffin is the better athlete, but that was already assumed going into the Combine. When it comes down to who is a better QB it is all about decision making and reading defenses.

Luck is the better QB because even though he won't have more rushing yards and TDs as Griffin, he will have better stats in the passing categories, which is what really counts. In college, Luck had the better completion percentage and yards per pass attempt while Griffin had the better rushing stats. So we can see that Luck is the better decision maker and is usually very productive with those decisions. It doesn't matter how fast your QB can run it depends on how he can read a defense and find the open receiver leading the team down the field and giving the offense balance. Griffin will have a successful career, he may even be the next Vick, but he won't have the same success as Luck. Another take away from the Combine is that Luck isn't too far less of an athlete than Griffin.

With good athleticism and a great football IQ, Luck could end his career as one of the all-time bests. It has yet to be seen who will have the better Pro Day, but I'd put my money on Luck.

Who do you think is the better quarterback? 

Mike Wallace leaving Steel City?

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                                                                   Steelers WR Mike Wallace

With free agency around the corner some big names are starting to draw interest. Recently the question has been where soon to be free agent Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Mike Wallace will land this offseason. If you've watched ESPN lately, you have heard all the speculation surrounding Wallace. With the Steelers being 11 million dollars over the salary cap, they need to make some moves to get back under the salary cap and losing Wallace could be a result of that. If the Steelers want to keep Wallace they will need to either use the franchise tag or a high tender, which will give them a first round pick if he signs with another team. With teams like the Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, San Fransisco 49ers and New England Patriots all needing receivers and all being under the cap the Steelers will have a tough time retaining him.

If the Steelers tender Wallace and another team offers him a contract higher than what the Steelers can pay, they will need to either cut players and match the offer or let him go.   

The Steelers can't let him go, and I don't think they will let him go. With the possibility of Hines Ward not returning, the Steelers are already losing a big target and one of their all-time best receivers. In the last two seasons, no Steelers receiver has been better than Wallace who led the team in yards and TDs. They need to franchise him and make some cuts. With the way the Steelers draft they can afford to make some tough cuts and replace them in the draft. If they let Wallace go they lose their biggest offensive weapon and be left with below average to average receivers. Losing Wallace may not make them miss the playoffs, but the season will have the same result as last season and not make it out of the first round.

It may be a lose-lose for the Steelers, if you keep him you have to make some cuts you don't want to make or you let him go and he goes to a division rival, maybe making them the third best team in the division. Time will tell whether they decide to keep him or not, but there are big changes coming to Pittsburgh either way.

What do you think the Steelers and Wallace should do?

A Giant Feat

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                                                            New York Giants QB Eli Manning

Last night millions watched as Eli Manning again led his team down the field in the final minutes to win the Super Bowl. In another classic game the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl 46.

The game began with a safety for the Giants on a questionable intentional grounding penalty, to give the Giants an early 2-0 lead. After the free kick, the Giants drove down the field for a TD reception by Victor Cruz to extend their lead to 9-0. At the end of the half, Tom Brady and the Patriots drove 96 yards for a TD reception by Danny Woodhead to go into halftime leading 10-9. The Patriots opened the second half with another TD drive to extend their lead to 17-9. In the final 3:46 trailing 17-15, on a drive highlighted by a miraculous 38 yard catch by Mario Manningham, Manning had another Super Bowl winning drive. The Giants drove 88 yards for a game winning TD run by Ahmad Bradshaw for the final score of 21-17.

With another clutch drive by Manning, he now has his second Super Bowl win and Super Bowl MVP. The question now is if Manning is finally considered an elite quarterback. I believe that he definitely is in the top five QBs in the league. He is now one of three active QBs with multiple Super Bowl wins. I consider him one of the most clutch QBs of all time. In the regular season he had more fourth quarter TDs than any QB in the history of the league. He then continued his great play in the fourth quarter into the playoffs and more importantly in the Super Bowl. Every team he beat in the playoffs had a better record than the Giants and he took the underdog role and rode it all the way to a championship. He has at least eight more years left and while continuing his consecutive start streak, which leads all active QBs, he will definitely have the stats and maybe even another Super Bowl to put him in the Hall of Fame.

What's your take on the game and do you think Eli Manning is an elite QB now?

Deja Blue

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                                                           NY Giants, Super Bowl 46, NE Patriots

This looks like it will be another classic between these two teams, with the same result. The New England Patriots with a hurt Rob Gronkowski are relatively the same team as they were in 2007, but with a worse defense. As for the New York Giants, they are a better team than they were in 2007. I know the Giants had the 27 ranked defense this year, but in the last few weeks they have played like a number one defense. Most of the time winning a championship is all about getting hot at the right time and that's what the Giants have done. Whether it's a game at home or on the road, or even being an underdog in their last three games, they have gotten the job done.

The Patriots offense will definitely keep them in it, but as they say, defense wins championships. The Giants have it and the Patriots don't. The Patriots are a field goal away from watching the game at home, because their defense couldn't stop the Baltimore Ravens on a last minute drive. They're lucky to be in this game and that luck ends Sunday. The Giants will again put pressure on Tom Brady and force some bad throws, maybe a turnover or two.

In a game that will go down to the end, most people would pick Brady over Eli Manning, but this year is different. No quarterback this season and even in a single season all time has been better in the fourth quarter than Manning. With the Giants offense having new weapons they didn't have last time in Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham, they go on to win 24-21.

Who do you have in this one?

46 Facts about Super Bowl 46

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With only four days until the Super Bowl here are some interesting facts about the big game. Tomorrow come back to see my prediction.

1.       BenJarvus Green-Ellis will wear a special chin strap called the "Impact Indicator", which will measure the impact of hits he takes.

2.       If the Giants win they will be the first team to do that while having been outscored by their opponents in the regular season. They are now the first to make it with that. PF(394) PA(400)

3.       This is the ninth Super Bowl rematch of a regular season game decided by a TD or less. Seven of the previous eight won by the team that lost the first game (Patriots). 

4.       Eli Manning and Tom Brady are the third set of starting QBs to meet in multiple Super Bowls.

5.       Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick were both on the coaching staff of the 1990 Super Bowl champion Giants.

6.       This is the first time a pair of Super Bowl MVP QBs face each other in the Super Bowl.

7.       10,168 is the highest combined passing yards by the starting QBs in a Super Bowl.

8.       BenJarvus Green-Ellis has an NFL record of 536 catches and carries without a fumble.

9.       The Giants have 13 and the Patriots have 7 returning players from Super Bowl 42.

10.   Tom Coughlin can become the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl. (65)

11.   This will be the first Super Bowl legally streamed online. It is also available on mobile phones.

12.   A 9-7 team has never won a Super Bowl. (Giants)

13.   This is the sixth Super Bowl rematch.

14.   This is the seventeenth time NBC is broadcasting the Super Bowl, tying CBS for the most by any network.

15.   The Patriots can be the first to lose a Super Bowl in 4 different decades. (80s, 90s, 00s, 10s)

16.   The Giants can be the first to win a Super Bowl in 4 different decades. (80s, 90s, 00s, 10s)

17.   Every team the Giants beat in the playoffs had a better record.

18.   This is the second consecutive Super Bowl between teams with at least 3 Super Bowl victories.

19.   This is the fifth Super Bowl between teams with multiple Super Bowl victories.

20.   The Patriots are favored by 3.5.

21.   The favorite is 31-14 all-time.

22.   Bill Belichick is now tied for second for most Super Bowls as head coach. (5)

23.   The team wearing white has won 6 of the last 7 Super Bowls. (Giants)

24.   With Kelly Clarkson singing the National Anthem, 4 of the last 5 Super Bowls have had the Anthem sung by a former American Idol contestant.

25.   Indianapolis is the second state capital to host a Super Bowl.

26.   Eight of the Patriots starters went undrafted.

27.   The Patriots have the worst ranked defense in a Super Bowl. (31)

28.   A 30-second commercial will cost $2,800,000.

29.   The NFC leads 24-21 in Super Bowls.

30.   The AFC is 6-3 in Super Bowls played in February

31.   The team that scores first in the Super Bowl is 29-16

32.   The Giants have broken the streak of 10 consecutive seasons with a different NFC champion.

33.   325,500,000 gallons of beer will be drunk by Americans during the game.

34.   The team that wins the coin toss is 22-23.

35.   Teams that intercept a pass for TD are 11-0.

36.   No Super Bowl has gone to overtime.

37.   The Patriots have won 10 straight games.

38.   The Patriots last loss was against the Giants.

39.   Belichick and Brady have the most Super Bowl appearances by a head coach and QB combination. (5)

40.   Tom Brady became the fifth QB to throw for 5,000+ yards in his playoff career.

41.   Tom Brady is the second QB to start five Super Bowls.

42.   If the Giants win, David Carr will become the third number one overall QB to win as a backup.

43.   Tom Coughlin can become the thirteenth head coach to win multiple Super Bowls.

44.   Belichick can two Super Bowls with more roster turnover than any other head coach. Only three remain from the 2001 season.

45.   The first two Super Bowls the Giants won were four years apart. Their last Super bowl win was four years ago.

46.   Since 2001 the Giants are one of only two teams to have a winning record against the Patriots. 


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