IUP-TV Crew Dazzles CBS Sports Crew

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IUP received great publicity when CBS Sports Network broadcast last night's home football game (September 15). There were at least two alumni watch parties in distant places, and alumni from across the country gave us likes and comments to promotional announcements we made on IUP's Facebook page. IUP nearly upset nationally ranked Bloomsburg.

IUP_TV_Logo_redblack.pngWhat you may not have heard: The students of IUP-TV came to the CBS crew's rescue. CBS forgot to bring along a particular cable--an essential piece of equipment needed to use IUP-TV's editing system. The students and station technician Chris Barber juryrigged some equipment to make it possible for the crew to use the system. The CBS crew was impressed again by the students' ability to edit the footage shot of campus and of Indiana that was shown during the broadcast. IUP-TV students also worked in various paid support positions during the broadcast. All great stuff for aspiring broadcast industry professionals.

Here's a sample of the IUP-TV sports crew's ability, produced after the home opener against East Stroudsburg.

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